Season: One
Episode: 10
Written by: J. Michael Straczynski (created by), David Gerrold
Director: Richard Compton
Babylon 5: S01E10 "Believers"

Dr. FranklinDr. Stephen Franklin faces an ethical dilemma when the parents of Shon, a dying alien child refuse to let him operate for religious reasons. Their son is suffering from an eventually fatal respiratory ailment. Franklin is confident he can save the boy, Shon, with surgery, but the family's alien religion prohibits surgery, believing that cutting into a body will release the spirit, reducing the body to something worse than death. They mention it as something only done to food animals in their culture. Franklin's associate Dr. Hernandez attacks their beliefs, but Franklin reprimands her, telling her that they have to work with the parents, not against them.

Guest Stars: Tricia O'Neil as M'ola, Stephen Lee as Tharg, Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Shon, Silvana Gallardo as Maya Henandez