Season: One
Episode: 09
Written by: J. Michael Straczynski (created by), Lawrence G. DiTillio
Director: Bruce Seth Green
Babylon 5: S01E09 "Deathwalker"

An alien woman is attacked by Na'Toth as she boards Babylon 5, with Na'Toth accusing her of being "Deathwalker". She asserts that the woman is a war criminal responsible for a number of unethical and illegal experiments on Narn.

SinclairJeffery Sinclair identifies the woman as a Dilgar, a species that had previously gone to war against many non-aligned worlds but had died out thirty years prior when their sun went nova. He continues to investigate the Deathwalker name, finding it attached to a Dilgar known as Jha'dur, an expert in biochemical, biogenetic, and cyber-organic weapons who led the Dilgar invasion but this woman looks far to young to be the same person.

Guest Stars: Sarah Douglas as Jha'dur, Robin Curtis as Ambassador Kalika, Cosie Costa as Abbut, Aki Aleong as Senator Hidoshi