Season: One
Episode: 01
Written by: J. Michael Straczynski 
Director: Richard Compton
Babylon 5 - Midnight on the Firing Line

Word quickly spreads on Babylon 5 about an attack made by Narn warships on the Centauri agricultural colony at Ragesh 3. G'Kar claims to have only learned of the attack, but states that it is part of Narn working to reclaim their colonies taken during the Narn-Centauri conflict. Londo attempts to sway the Centauri homeworld to issue a militaristic response. Meanwhile, G'Kar reaches out to Commander Jeffrey SinclairJeffery Sinclair requesting Earth's help to back the Narn.

Note Worthy Point: First appearance of Lt. Cmdr. Susan IvanovaSusan Ivanova & arrival of Level 5 commercial telepath Talia Winters to replace Lyta Alexander as Babylon 5’s resident telepath.